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Name: Ko
Identity: basic program
Function: meteorological algorithm
Height: 5'3"
Circuits: blue
Affiliation: Resistance

Ko is a dark horse in a world of dark horses. Brought to the Grid to predict and manage its weather, she deserted her post when Clu abducted most of her coworkers. She was written by several different Users and has no particular love for Flynn, but even less for Clu's so-called order, and takes a dark pleasure in undermining that order wherever possible.

Paranoid to a fault, Ko reveals little about herself professionally and less personally. Zuse probably knows the most about her, but only because he knows the most about everything.

Among the random facts about her which few or none would ever hear during Clu's regime are the following:

--First written in 1980 as a Tower Guardian.
--Appropriated by the MCP; derezzed on the lightcycle grid. Has no active memory of this.
--Original program rewritten as a weather algorithm in 1983.
--Users: Nate Lind (programmer), Romi Corazon (recompiler), Lora Baines, Tony Kandalaft, Kevin Flynn.
--Rezzed into Kevin Flynn's Grid in 1986.
--Knows every contour and corner of the Grid, including large swathes of the Outlands closest to the City, and how Grid weather interacts with it.
--All those lightning storms? Her fault. >D
--Killed in a raid on a Resistance hideout in 1991.

(This is an rp journal for an original character set in the Tron: Legacy universe. Tron and all pertaining thereto belongs to Disney. Michelle Yeoh belongs to herself. Journal background image of Gallium City is by tucatalog, here.)
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